10 Reasons Why You Should Add Video Marketing To Your Priority List

10 Reasons why Video Marketing should be your priority

Video marketing is one of the most innovative and exciting ways to promote your brand, thanks to the bright colours and larger-than-life music involved. It has helped websites to reach out to global audiences, invoke emotional appeal in the masses. And connect with them personally and virtually. Thus, here’s why you should consider video marketing to increase brand value and improve sales:

Better engagement with the audience

In a world where YouTube search counts surpass Google counts, the audience is naturally more attracted to videos. Videos explain major aspects of your website using colourful visuals and lifelike sounds, working on the audience’s mind much more than a print prospectus ever could.

Analytical optimisation rates

Though you can check the number of views on a post. It is difficult to ascertain whether a reader has read or re-read the post through the given statistics. On the other hand, videos come with a feedback loop that measures number of times it has been watched, drop-off points and click-through-rate. A marketer can analyse the statistics and work out a strategy to improve brand value and audience attraction.

More impactful emails

People are desperately running short of time and energy. They don’t have the patience to read through long emails, which might contain important information. However, videos attract instant attention, thus, communicating well with the audience.

Improved search engine optimization

Statistically, websites with videos 53 times more featured on the Google first page. Thus, the right video can drastically skyrocket your website value, increase search engine optimization and highlight your website among its competitors.

Technologically advanced

We are part of a fast-paced world, with the tech advancing every day. We must keep ourselves updated with the latest. Similarly, video marketing speaks of an upgrade to a website. Which automatically leads to a rise in production and sales as well.

Higher audience impact

Contrary to online and print media, videos capture and retain the audience’s attention for a much longer time. Thus, they are more likely to respond to the CTA (call to action) after watching the complete video.

Visual content appeals to the audience

As mentioned above, the audience is more provoked to take action after watching a well-created video. They like and comment on the same, and share the video with their friends. Thus, increasing viewership from all over the world.

Better retention and recall

According to statistics, more than three-fourths of the audience watch more than half or even the entire video. A video includes statistics, video clips, GIFs, images and much more.

Stronger emotional appeal

Videos create a higher impact on the audience. They create an emotional appeal and connect with the audience through expression and modulation of tone.

Converts views to consumers

In the end, you need customers and sales, not views and reads. As per research, adding a video to your website automatically accounts for 71% higher conversion rate. What more do you need to make your website successful?

It’s time to get to work and build an empire!