February 8, 2018
10 Reasons why Video Marketing should be your priority

10 reasons why you should add Video Marketing to your priority list

It has already been established that the inclusion of video in content marketing is extremely desirable. It should also be treated as an utmost priority in […]
November 24, 2017
Video marketing with Magic Elements Studios Mumbai

Video marketing : A boon for your marketing campaign

The blessings of Video Marketing An article revealed that it took around 38 years for the radio to penetrate the population of 50 million. But it […]
July 9, 2014
Magic Elements Studios New Logo

An Entrepreneur Case study: Explainer video

Let’s take an entrepreneur in his journey to Video marketing enlightenment ! When he launched your website, he was frustrated with the level of response he […]
June 14, 2014

Marketing through Animation

It's one of those animated videos that explains what your product or service does and why people ought to buy it. Corporates, SMEs, Entrepreneurs can use them to boost their conversion rate. Some sites boast of conversion rates increasing by as much as 144% after including an explainer video on their website.
January 12, 2014

Why should you choose Magic Elements Studios?

When it comes to crafting a video for your business, we realize there are plenty of production companies out there to choose from. Since we launched […]