How to make a “super duper hit animated” film in India?

Walking the tightrope for the Indian producer.

When deciding what kind of story to tell in a film, ask yourself who the intended audience is. Are you producing for an Indian audience? While that is a viable production strategy, of course, but it is unlikely to land you on the list of Oscar nominees because western audiences simply do not buy stories that are rich with Indian culture. Bollywood movies may be popular and lucrative in India, but they do not travel well.
Again, note that “Ernest & Celestine ”, despite being a French production, is culturally neutral, featuring furry animals rather than humans in a story with universal elements.
How old is your intended audience? Resist the marketable assertion that you are “making a movie for the entire family”. Walt Disney did not make movies for the entire family. He made movies for kids and then charmed adults into seeing them also, on the grounds that there is “a child in all of us”. The best strategy for an aspiring Indian producer is to limit the intended audience to either adults or children and then keep the budget down.
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