How can I learn animation in India?

The omnipresent question every animation wannabe faces.

Being enthusiastic about animation is the first step. It helps in the long term for your animation career. Now let’s be clear that there are essentially two parts to this, the first one is theory and practical being the latter. Like any other study subject, animation too requires a systematic approach to get you started with the proper footing.
If you really want to get educated (theory) and trained (practical) then better find someone from the industry who has been there for quite a while and whose work says for himself. Plus it has its own advantages like personal attention during training and building your portfolio, cheaper fees (as compare to the Institutes) besides several others. Some people might say here that the institution gives a certificate at the completion of the course.

In all Practicality…..

Well just try and use it to apply for a job. Instead I’m very sure you’ll be asked for your demo-reel.
For those who don’t want to get out of your cozy home and search for a good animation mentor, or if there’s isn’t one around your area then I’ll say there are several other options available over the internet. The best one being: the best in the business and worth the money spend.
Then there are several others which are somewhat equal in there education and training. You certainly choose from these or search for more as per your requirement and budget.
Just keep in mind that whichever path you choose make sure you dedicate a substantial period of your time in getting the fundamentals of animation clear.
P.S. While nowadays there are several private training institutes in every other main street of almost every city in India. I strongly suggest you stay clear of them. WHY? well choose them if your (or your parents) money grows on trees.
Also many of the students being from the vernacular medium are under the impression that they think making 3D models also means doing animation, which is totally wrong. And should be guided by those who know.
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