Bring Back your Childhood with Tibu

Introduction of Tibu Comics by Magic Elements Studios
While today’s generation is stuck between Marvel and DC, we cannot forget the essence of Indian comics. Right from Tinkle, to Amar Chitra Katha, from Dabbu to Indrajal Comics, they always made our childhood better. Gradually, Chacha Chaudhary, Shikari Shambhu, Kalia, Suppandi and all the others became an inevitable part of the life of all the kids. Bageera, Mowgli, Baloo, took us for a mesmerizing tour in the Jungle Book. Times changed, all the characters grew old with us. But even now, looking back to all those characters brings an instant smile on our faces. They gave us memories, we can cherish forever.
With all of this, one thing which was always missing in the Indian comics was the presence of the FEMALE CHARACTERS in the comics. The dearth could always be felt, because a female character brings an extra packet of joy, innocence, happiness and laughter with her. So what if we have a comic where the entire story is revolving around a little girl. She will take you all to her world and you will be for sure addicted to the journey.

Here’s where Tibu took birth.

Tibu comics is the journey of an 8 year old girl who is naughty and smart. She is creative, lazy, impulsive, everything at the same time. Tibu will leave you amazed through her daily life antics. She will make you laugh even after you have a long tiring day at work. She will be with you everyday, everytime and she will keep on tickling you till your tummy hurts. Considering her love for colours and art, she will make your life vivid. Being weak at numbers, she can’t solve maths problems, but she can teach you how to keep your life problems aside. Along with Tibu, you will get to meet her family, her dog Gabbar, her friends, Deboo and Mili, her neighbour Rita aunty.
SO, what are you waiting for? Go follow TIBU COMICS on Instagram. Pack your bags and join Tibu’s wonderful journey of life, now. Tibu will bring back all your childhood memories, and now in the team of Kalia, Suppandi and others, Tibu will also become a member you will surely love.