Visual Effects: a bit of Role playing

Roles in Visual Effects

This is just a brief outline regarding the various roles played in the a Film Look Development and its Visual Effects production team.

We’ll start with the production designer who works closely with the director, director of photography and VFX Supervisor to develop the overall look of the film. The production designer oversees the art department. An art director supervises the construction of sets and modifying locations. The set decorator is responsible for the decoration of the sets. And the property master deals with all things that the actor will have to handle.

The art department also includes production illustrators, concept artists, and storyboard artists. Environment design, Vehicle design, Creature and character design is usually done by specialists brought in by the art department. The design and the look of the film have a large impact on the approach and techniques employed for visual effects. The art department creates a number of concept art studies in pre-production for the director and the studio to review. Once this concept art is refined and approved, it will be used by the visual effects artists as both a reference and a guide.

This is the core of the pre-production team roles in any big budget Hollywood movie production besides the role playing on screen.

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