Video marketing : A boon for your marketing campaign

Video marketing with Magic Elements Studios Mumbai

Video marketing has proved to be a powerful and effective strategy for organisations to market their products. According to statistics, people now prefer to watch a two-minute video rather than spending ten minutes reading a prospectus. The right kind of video marketing involves live event videos, social media uploads and customer testimonials to generate traffic to your website. As a result, your website enjoys higher conversion rates and Google ranking. Here’s how video marketing helps in your marketing campaign:

Increases conversion rates

Video marketing increases your conversion rates by leaps and bounds. A compelling video that is cleverly packaged with attractive visuals and text is designed to impact a viewer’s buying behaviour and convert customer viewership into leads.

Advertises better

Running a business takes hard work, effort and perseverance. A video can easily explain what your company has achieved since its inception, which would impress your clients and motivate them to give you an opportunity to work with them.

Video over text-based content

Consumers now prefer watching a short video clip explaining the entire product in detail to reading a manual with complete instructions. As a result, more than 45% of business organisations have an explainer video on their website – the best and cost-effective way for your website to go viral.

There is so much to explore

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to video marketing, the field is yours. You can use either one or a combination of different techniques to market your campaign. Explore and experiment with CGI, talking heads, animation and much more, and choose what suits your campaign best.

Videos are mobile-friendly

Cellphones, tablets and iPads have become the way of life. Not everyone is inclined to watch a full-fledged video on their laptop or personal computer as they are constantly on the go. People enjoy watching YouTube videos on their phone, and the use of smartphones is increasing day by day. Therefore, you can be sure that your video audience will only increase over time.

Retains audience retention

Do your readers actually read the complete description or do they read the first couple of lines and skip the rest? On the other hand, you can measure the number of views on a video, click-through-rates and even the exact point of time at which they stopped watching the video.

Great for email marketing campaigns

All of us know about junk and spam emails, and nobody wants to check an email from an unknown sender. However, video content greatly motivates people to subscribe to your website and increase click-through rates by 200-300 %.

Encourages social sharing

Contrary to a text-based product description, videos are much easier to share across multiple social media platforms. One can post the video on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram wall and add it to their Stories as well. Moreover, they can share the same over chat applications such as Messenger and WhatsApp. Social shares can increase audience traffic to your website, which is always a good thing.

Improves SEO results

You’re 53 times more likely to be visible on Google if you have uploaded relevant video content on your website. For better SEO results, choose your title and descriptions wisely and provide relevant links back to your products.

Stronger emotional appeal to your audience

Video marketing manages to send across a stronger emotional appeal to the audience. The planned tonal change, emotional music and facial expressions are the best way to interact with the audience and gain their interest.

In this modern age of going digital, there’s simply no reason to not adopt video marketing for your website. Therefore, work on those ideas and create a brilliant video marketing strategy to impress your clients and skyrocket your company’s sales in no time.