Video marketing : A boon for your marketing campaign

Video marketing with Magic Elements Studios Mumbai

The blessings of Video Marketing

An article revealed that it took around 38 years for the radio to penetrate the population of 50 million. But it took merely 24 hours for the Star Wars trailer to reach a viewership more than 100 million. That my friends, is the power of the World Wide Web.

Marketing has become extremely easy and at the same time cluttered due to the advent on the internet. Among various tools of digital marketing is Video Marketing.
It is a new rage as it is growing popular with the rate of people growing online.
Simply put Video Marketing is the integration of videos into your marketing campaigns in order to promote your company, product, idea or service. Live event videos, customer testimonials, social media uploads and followers etc are the ways of generating new audiences and customers with the help of prolific media content. Even the inclusion of one video can change the fate of your marketing campaign entirely. Even studies support this statement showing the addition of a video can increase your Google ranking, open rates, reach, click through rates, conversions, and much more.

Amongst the various benefits of Video Marketing, some of them are :

> Average Engagement levels increase due to a more prominent role of the videos along with the message. Online videos reach around 85% of the total US audience according to a study by ComScore.

> The inclusion of videos make your page or content to be more likely of being displayed at a higher ranking on Google or among the first few pages of the search engine results.

> Convert more users and it’s give a higher Return on Investment.

> Videos also engage mobile users and lazy buyers. Video Marketing helps in the demonstration and explanation of your product and service. Hence leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the audience.

> Videos are where your customers are basically spending all of their time. Also, videos are maybe already helping your competitors too.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and while video marketing is often a last option. It’s value demands a better position in your marketing plan. The awareness of Video Marketing and it’s strength enlightens the Entrepreneur in you about the potential that one basic addition to your marketing campaign can make. So go ahead, think of ideas and video strategies that can make your company’s sales and image boom high up in the sky!

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