Visual Effects: Where Does Creativity End?

How much will you push Creativity?

The Creativity Deadline.

Creativity has indeed affected by all of the improvements and progress in visual effects during the past century. The transition from the original hand-cranked camera, to optical printing, to digital compositing, to computer graphics imagery—have had one major impact. They have opened creative options well into the post-production process, virtually until the last possible moment.
When the techniques available to us were photochemical, the effects artists knew exactly what had to be done to finish the film. Shots were not easily changeable, and filmmakers had long settled on what they expected from a given visual effect.
They knew exactly what everything had to do. It was an intense exercise to get it done. And to come up with a creative technical solution that looked good on screen. Now, after remarkable progress in the power to create visual effects, everything can be constantly manipulated and changed (although often with extraordinary effort).

Because of this, filmmakers are no longer disciplined to make critical creative decisions up front and often postpone them as long as they can.

In essence, the creative process only ends when time runs out and the film, game, or other project must be released.