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Yes, I finally purchased it! After months of extensive research into which is the most sophisticated, modern, quick to load WP theme there is out there. It’s now in place. And purchased with 30% off on the original price!!!

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Astra – The Best WordPress Theme Black Friday Deal – 30% OFF

Now what more can I say about Astra Pro. I’m super excited and can’t wait to start giving all my sites a new look.

I’m not a technical person where i can code and do the necessary modifications on the site or can afford to wait for eons for someone who can do that in the proper way. This theme along with its support plug-ins can do more than a world of good to you when it comes to doing your site the proper way. And the thing doesn’t stop there. You not only will get a site that you like but which is quick to load, responsive to all the screens out there, can editable at any time, leaves a clean code (even you don’t do that) with all the customization. All of this is simply great especially when you think of those sites which takes a lot of time to load, difficult to read on mobile, spews technical error messages and what not.

Believe me! There’s no two thoughts to purchasing this. And for those who won’t get the discount overthinking about whether to purchase it or not. It’s still a bargain, when you think of it from creating the site that you love and the one which is sound on the technical front.

Hope I didn’t sound like an infomercial! Well even if I could be, what’s the big deal?

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